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Expression of osteopontin, a urinary inhibitor of stone mineral crystal growth, in rat kidney.
Cultured mouse kidney cortical cells secrete osteopontin, a bone matrix protein that is also found in urine. Osteopontin is associated with cell proliferation/tumerogenesis and also inhibits kidneyExpand
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Upregulation of osteopontin expression by ischemia in rat kidney.
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Osteopontin inhibits nucleation of calcium oxalate crystals.
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Regulation by macromolecules of calcium oxalate crystal aggregation in stone formers
Based on the structure of kidney stones, it is likely that they form as aggregations of preformed crystals, mostly calcium oxalate monohydrate (COM). In this study, we examined the ability of aExpand
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Acidic polyanion poly(acrylic acid) prevents calcium oxalate crystal deposition.
Acidic macromolecules inhibit calcium oxalate nucleation, growth, aggregation and attachment to cells in vitro. To test for such an effect in vivo we used osmotic minipumps to continuously infuseExpand
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The effect of warfarin on urine calcium oxalate crystal growth inhibition and urinary excretion of calcium and nephrocalcin
SummaryUrine contains inhibitors of calcium oxalate (CaOx) crystal growth. One such inhibitor is nephrocalcin (NC), a glycoprotein which is made in the kidney and contains several residues ofExpand
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Osteopontin production by cultured kidney cells.
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