Ann M. Balasubramaniam

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Growing concerns over effects of climate warming and other stressors on shallow Arctic lakes and ponds stimulate the need to develop and implement effective protocols to track changes in ecological integrity. This study assesses seasonal and spatial variability of periphytic diatom communities in a shallow Arctic lake in northern Yukon Territory to(More)
Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Despite of various advancements in the treatment modalities, oral cancer mortalities are more, particularly in developing countries like India. This is mainly due to the delay in diagnosis of oral cancer. Delay in diagnosis greatly reduces prognosis of the treatment and also cause increased morbidity(More)
Myofibroblasts after its discovery in 1971 as the principal cell for wound healing has come a long way as far as research is concerned. The primary focus of research has been regarding preventing certain unwanted effects of this cell such as wound contraction and scarring. As far as the oral and maxillofacial region is concerned, the primary concern of this(More)
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