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Definitions of business process given in much of the literature on Business Process Management are limited in depth and their related models of business processes are correspondingly constrained. After giving a brief history of the progress of business process modeling techniques from production systems to the office environment, this paper proposes that(More)
This paper relates experiences of using a business-process approach to the determination of requirements for social care systems, developed initially through the development of the PLANEC system, and applied to other telecare systems. The method utilises a loose-coupled hierarchical grouping of processes as a strategic view, and more tightly coupled models(More)
Providing technology support for older people offers distinct challenges for social and IT systems delivery. The definition and integration of services, the diversity of supply, variance in structures, and the lack of centralised control, introduce significant challenges. These challenges stretch contemporary methods in the social and IT domains. In this(More)
PREFACE How many more daughters have to lose their lives at the hands of an abusive partner? How many more teens have to suffer in an abusive relationship, fearing for their lives, afraid to tell anyone? Teen dating violence is a major health problem that leads to teen pregnancy, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, and suicide. The psychological(More)
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