Ann Lightfoot

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Mersacidin is a tetracyclic lantibiotic with antibacterial activity against Gram-positive pathogens. To probe the specificity of the biosynthetic pathway of mersacidin and obtain analogs with improved antibacterial activity, an efficient system for generating variants of this lantibiotic was developed. A saturation mutagenesis library of the residues of(More)
Hemoccult faecal occult blood testing is widely advocated as a screening test for colorectal cancer but few studies have shown its correlation with conventional methods of investigation for colorectal disease. In a prospective study of 802 symptomatic patients with suspected colorectal disease there was good patient compliance (92.5%) and a high specificity(More)
The karyotype of a transplantable T cell leukaemia which arose originally in a PVG strain rat undergoing chronic internal beta irradiation of the spleen was examined and a marker chromosome was found. Although the leukaemia progressively became more acute during 4 years of continuous passage the marker did not change. Cytogenetic analysis of normal rats(More)
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