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BACKGROUND The authors compared the behavior of two calculations of electroencephalographic spectral entropy, state entropy (SE) and response entropy (RE), with the A-Line ARX Index (AAI) and the Bispectral Index (BIS) and as measures of anesthetic drug effect. They compared the measures for baseline variability, burst suppression, and prediction(More)
BACKGROUND We compared two spectral entropies, state entropy (SE) and response entropy (RE), based on the irregularity of the EEG, to measure loss of response to verbal command (LOR(verbal)) and noxious stimulus (LOR(noxious)) with the bispectral index (BIS) during propofol infusion with and without remifentanil. METHODS Three groups of 20 patients(More)
BACKGROUND The authors studied the effects of ketamine and rocuronium on the Bispectral Index, A-Line auditory evoked potential index, state entropy, and response entropy during a calculated steady state anesthesia with propofol and remifentanil. METHODS After ethics committee approval, 42 patients were allocated to four groups. Baseline measurements were(More)
BACKGROUND Several new measures based on the regularity of the electroencephalogram signal for the assessment of depth of anesthesia/sedation have been proposed recently. In this study we analyze the influence of remifentanil and electroencephalogram frequency content of the performance of a set of such measures. METHODS Forty-five patients with American(More)
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