Ann L Casebeer

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BACKGROUND Although the study of research utilization is not new, there has been increased emphasis on the topic over the recent past. Science push models that are researcher driven and controlled and demand pull models emphasizing users/decision-maker interests have largely been abandoned in favour of more interactive models that emphasize linkages between(More)
e-Health Readiness refers to the preparedness of healthcare institutions or communities for the anticipated change brought by programs related to Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This paper presents e-Health Readiness assessment tools developed for healthcare institutions in developing countries. The objectives of the overall study were to(More)
We investigate how people in 10 primary health care innovation sites attempted to create conditions that would encourage organizational learning. We build on concepts from a social perspective on organizational learning (Easterby-Smith & Araujo, 1999) to highlight four sub-processes that we propose are critical to beginning the process of organizational(More)
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