Ann L Caress

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BACKGROUND Current healthcare policy advocates patient participation in treatment decision making. However, in asthma there is little evidence regarding patients' views on such involvement. This study explored the preferred and perceived level of involvement in treatment decisions, rationales for role preference, perceived facilitators of/barriers to(More)
INTRODUCTION Fatigue is a prominent symptom in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and it has distinctive features; however, there is a need for a robust scale to measure fatigue in COPD. METHODS At baseline, 122 patients with COPD (forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV(1)) 52%, women 38%, mean age 66 years) completed a pilot fatigue scale(More)
AIMS To assess the transferability of the Control Preferences Scale to dental settings and to explore patients' preferred and perceived roles in dental treatment decision-making. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A convenience sample of 40 patients, 20 recruited from the University Dental Hospital of Manchester and 20 from a general dental practice in Cheshire. (More)
The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) has been widely adopted within UK general practices, yet there is little understanding of its impact on the provision of community palliative care services. This study presents data on the anticipation and adoption of the GSF within three Primary Care Trusts in North West England. Forty-seven interviews were conducted with(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether well trained lay people could deliver asthma self-management education with comparable outcomes to that achieved by primary care based practice nurses. DESIGN Randomised equivalence trial. SETTING 39 general practices in West London and North West England. PARTICIPANTS 567 patients with asthma who were on regular(More)
BACKGROUND Breathlessness is a debilitating and distressing symptom in a wide variety of diseases and still a difficult symptom to manage. An integrative review of systematic reviews of non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions for breathlessness in non-malignant disease was undertaken to identify the current state of clinical understanding of(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify community nurses' perceptions of quality care provision for patients requiring palliative care. DESIGN Semi-structured interviews were conducted with community nurses working within the district nursing service. An adaptation of Flanagan's critical incident technique was employed to elicit factors associated with high or poor(More)
Cross-cultural provider-patient communication difficulties identified in Manchester Needs Assessment study with Somali patients with limited or no English (Lovel et al., 1999). A higher incidence of asthma morbidity and mortality among ethnic minorities in the UK and abroad. Asthma is an unfamiliar condition to manage for Somalis once in the UK. High(More)
This review brings together for the first time the existing quantitative and qualitative research evidence about the experiences of parents caring for a child with a cleft. It summarizes salient themes on the emotional, social and service-related experiences of parents and critiques the literature to date, comparing it with wider, selected literature from(More)
BACKGROUND Regular review and support for asthma self-management is promoted in guidelines. A randomised controlled trial suggested that unscheduled health care usage was similar when patients were offered self management support by a lay-trainer or practice nurses. METHODS Following the RCT, a costing study was undertaken using the trial data to account(More)
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