Ann-Kristin Håkansson

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A voice accumulator is a portable device for long-term measurements of voice use in natural conditions. A contact microphone attached to the front part of the neck registers vocal fold vibrations. The purposes of the present study were: 1) to evaluate the voice accumulator's two measuring programs optimized for registration of fundamental frequency (F0) and(More)
Two gasoline qualities, European unleaded certified gasoline (EUCG) and California phase 2 reformulated gasoline (P2 RFG), were analysed. EUCG contained about twice the amount of alkyl benzenes compared to P2 RFG and a large amount of cyclohexane. As a balance, P2 RFG contained higher amounts of isooctane and MTBE. The gasolines were burned in a premixed(More)
BACKGROUND The use of anatomical models produced by 3D printing technique (rapid prototyping, RP) is gaining increased acceptance as a complementary tool for planning complex surgical interventions. This paper describes a method for creating a patient specific replica of the whole aorta. METHODS Computed tomography angiography (CTA) DICOM-data was(More)
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