Ann-Kristin Cordes

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Planning the multitude of spare parts supply chain's activities, characterized by intermittent demand combined with multi-echelon inventories involves considering highly stochastic processes. Thus, planning results do not achieve the same preciseness as of regular products supply chains. Recent research argues that referred preciseness can be enhanced by(More)
The most striking challenges of spare parts supply chain management can be seen in the availability of the needed spare part(s), the ability to deploy the appropriately qualified service personnel, and the provision of required equipment, at the right place and the requested time. To meet these requirements, a well-organized planning of all tasks in spare(More)
An Intelligent Maintenance System (IMS) provides data about the status of technical devices. Based on sensorial input, IMS analyzes the data and forecasts failures of these devices. The forecasted failures can be used to improve the spare parts demand forecast results as the gathered condition monitoring information provides a more accurate prognosis about(More)
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