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Sensorimotor synchronization is hypothesized to arise through two different processes, associated with continuous or discontinuous rhythmic movements. This study investigated synchronization of continuous and discontinuous movements to different pacing signals (auditory or visual), pacing interval (500, 650, 800, 950 ms) and across effectors (non-dominant(More)
BACKGROUND Neck pain is associated with several alterations in neck motion and motor control. Previous studies have investigated single constructs of neck motor control, while few have applied a comprehensive set of tests to investigate cervical motor control. This comparative cross- sectional study aimed to investigate different motor control constructs in(More)
Gait is recognized as a key item related to mental function. Anomalous gait in psychotic individuals has been described for the lower extremities, whereas irregularities for upper body dynamics are not described, explained or verified with unbiased methods. Reduced walking velocity and increased somatic tension defined in this patient category may influence(More)
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