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With the goal of identifying optimal platforms for developing better models of diabetic nephropathy in mice, we compared renal effects of streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetes among five common inbred mouse strains (C57BL/6, MRL/Mp, BALB/c, DBA/2, and 129/SvEv). We also evaluated the renal consequences of chemical and genetic diabetes on the same genetic(More)
Previous studies have shown that Akita mice bearing the Ins2(+/C96Y) mutation have significant advantages as a type I diabetes platform for developing models of diabetic nephropathy (DN; Gurley SB, Clare SE, Snow KP, Hu A, Meyer TW, Coffman TM. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 290: F214-F222, 2006). In view of the critical role for genetic factors in determining(More)
We aim to design a persuasive technology to help college students, who are particularly susceptible to sleep deprivation, get better, longer, and more regular sleep. In order to gain the insights of our future users, we applied a participatory design approach that included experience prototypes, which aim to actively engage designers and participants with(More)
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