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Purpose. Parathyroid hormone (PTH), the only drug known to stimulate bone formation, is a peptide therapeutic indicated in the treatment of osteoporosis. Unfortunately, PTH is only effective when dosed by injection because it has no oral bioavailability. Herein we report the oral absorption of PTH in rats and monkeys facilitated by the novel delivery agent,(More)
In a series of 251 good-risk patients undergoing portal decompression for intrahepatic portal hypertension, one fifth have been found not to have hepatic cirrhosis. Of these, 44 had only minor changes in hepatic architecture, and the clinical features and subsequent course have been compared and contrasted with a group of 201 cirrhotic patients who(More)
This paper records biochemical and follow-up observations on 153 patients with cirrhosis who have had a shunt operation. The experience confirms that no shunt operation should be undertaken on a patient whose serum albumin level is less than 3.2g.%. Low pseudocholinesterase levels are of help diagnostically but the main value of this test is in indicating(More)