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Among 200 patients treated for chronic granulocytic leukaemia (CGL) 6 (3%) cases have been selected in whom a second synchronic or metachronic neoplasma coexisted. In one patient CGL was the first neoplasma and skin basalioma the second in line. In the remaining fife; Thyroid adenocarcinoma, adeno-carcinoma of the bowl (bis), epithelial carcinoma of the(More)
Building Meaningful Parasocial Relationships Between Toddlers and Media Characters to Teach Early Mathematical Skills Alice Ann Howard Gola a , Melissa N. Richards b , Alexis R. Lauricella c & Sandra L. Calvert b a Altarum Institute , Washington , DC , USA b Department of Psychology , Georgetown University , Washington , DC , USA c Department of(More)
  • Ann Gola
  • Archivum immunologiae et therapiae experimentalis
  • 1979
Daunorubicin reductase activity was estimated in peripheral leukocytes drawn from 23 patients with acute or chronic leukemia. Since the enzyme converts daunorubicin to daunorubicinol, a derivative exposing higher cytotoxic action than daunorubicin, it is important for leukemia treatment to know its leukocyte level. Calculations of reductase levels were(More)
The retrospective analysis of 40 cases with chronic granulocytic leukemia revealed an average survival time of 39 months. Modal proportions between the chronic, accelerated and acute blastic crisis amounted to 25:6:8 months. The characteristic points and curves for peripheral white cell, blast cell, basophil cell and thrombocyte counts as well as(More)