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PlantGDB (http://www.plantgdb.org/) is a genomics database encompassing sequence data for green plants (Viridiplantae). PlantGDB provides annotated transcript assemblies for >100 plant species, with transcripts mapped to their cognate genomic context where available, integrated with a variety of sequence analysis tools and web services. For 14 plant species(More)
IMPORTANCE The 4-duct ligation procedure has appeal for its surgical simplicity and limited invasiveness in the management of pediatric sialorrhea. However, more information is required to understand the benefits, risks, success rates, and long-term effects of this intervention. OBJECTIVES To report the clinical outcomes of the 4-duct ligation procedure(More)
Inclusion body disease (IBD) is a worldwide disease in captive boa constrictors (boa constrictor) and occasionally in other snakes of the families Boidae and Pythonidae. The exact causative agent(s) and pathogenesis are not yet fully understood. Currently, diagnosis of IBD is based on the light microscopic identification of eosinophilic intracytoplasmic(More)
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