Ann E. Williams

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The ability of B-HT 920, a selective dopamine (DA) D-2 agonist, to stimulate postsynaptic DA receptors in brain was evaluated by assessing its ability to induce stereotypy and to increase locomotor activity in rats. When administered alone, B-HT 920 (0.03–3.0 mg/kg) did not induce stereotypy and produced only inhibition of locomotor activity, suggesting a(More)
The adenosine agonists 5′-N-ethylcarboxamidea-denosine (NECA), 2-chloroadenosine (2-CLA), N6-cyclohexyladenosine (CHA), N6-cyclopentyladenosine (CPA), 2-(phenylamino)adenosine (CV-1808) and R and S isomers of N6-phenylisopropyladenosine (R-PIA and S-PIA) decreased spontaneous locomotor activity in mice and, except for CPA, did so at doses that did not(More)
BACKGROUND Slow walking speed in elderly people predicts increased morbidity and mortality. We examined factors that may be associated with decreased habitual walking speed in older men and women. METHODS Older (range: 60-88 years, mean = 72.5 years) men (n = 25) and women (n = 24) were recruited. The Short Physical Performance Battery, body composition,(More)
A statistical analysis of the records of a commercial weight-reducing organization shows weight loss rates higher than those achieved by non-commercial weight reduction organizations and most medical trials, with 25.9% of women losing more than 9kg and 22% reaching goal weights. A reducing diet, aided by financial incentives and supportive group pressures,(More)
We analyzed anonymized copies of the complete reviewer comments for 120 recent submissions to the Journal of Communication and attempted to identify the scholarly ‘‘sins’’ and ‘‘virtues’’ most frequently mentioned by the reviewers and most closely associated with the decision to publish the submission. We assessed levels of interreviewer agreement and(More)
This paper employs public opinion data from a nationally representative probability sample to examine how information encounters and exposure to different media sources relate to individuals' beliefs about global warming. The analyses indicate that media source exposure (i.e., exposure to news and information about science presented through different media(More)