Ann E. Thymé-Gobbel

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This paper describes a 3-level manual discourse coding scheme that we have devised for manual tagging of the CallHome Spanish (CHS) and CallFriend Spanish (CFS) databases used in the CLARITY project. The goal of CLARITY is to explore the use of discourse structure in understanding conversational speech. The project combines empirical methods for dialogue(More)
The Clarity project is devoted to automatic detection and classification of discourse structures in casual, non-task-oriented conversation using shallow, corpus-based methods of analysis. For the Clarity project, we have tagged speech acts and dialogue games in the Call Home Spanish corpus. We have done preliminary cross-level experiments on the(More)
Results from a prosody-based automatic language discrimination (LID) system suggest that the difficulties reported by other sites in incorporating prosodic information into LID systems may have been caused by their not using appropriate task-specific features. Running averages and correlations of prosodic features capturing syllable pitch and amplitude(More)
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