Ann E. P. Dill

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This paper uses ethnographic data to examine ethical dilemmas in discharging elderly persons from the hospital. The focus is on two elements significantly influencing that process, the patient's decisional capacity and the involvement of family members in decision-making. Within the field of bioethics these issues have been discussed in terms of factors(More)
The accumulation of lipofuscin has previously been implicated in several retinal diseases including Best's macular dystrophy, Stargardt's disease and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Previously one of the major fluorophores of lipofuscin was identified as a bis-retinoid pyridinium salt called A2E, which is known to photochemically cause damage. In(More)
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an ocular disease that causes visual loss and legal blindness in the elderly population. The etiology of AMD is complex and may include genetic predispositions, accumulation of lipofuscin and drusen, local inflammation and neovascularization. The accumulation of lipofuscin has been shown to precede the death of(More)
U posljednjem desetljeću Slovenija je prošla dramatične političke i ekonomske promjene. Vlade Slovenije pod pritiskom vanjskih faktora (MMF, Svjetska banka, drugi uzročnici ekonomskog strukturiranja] i unutarnjih (ključni su ekonomski faktori), pokušala je prilagoditi pravnu i institucionalnu strukturu za ulazak u globalno takmičenje sa kapitalom i(More)
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