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Realizing the full therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (MSCs) awaits improved understanding of mechanisms controlling their fate. Using MSCs cultured as spheroids to recapitulate a three-dimensional cellular environment, we show that perturbing the mesenchymal regulators, platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) receptors or fibronectin,(More)
Ectopic calcification of blood vessels, heart valves, and skeletal muscle is a major clinical problem. There is now good evidence that angiogenesis is associated with ectopic calcification in these tissues and that it is necessary, but not sufficient, for calcification to occur. Angiogenesis may regulate ectopic calcification in several ways. First, many(More)
Background—Previous studies have shown that pericytes can differentiate into osteoblasts and form bone. This study investigated whether pericytes can also differentiate into chondrocytes and adipocytes. Methods and Results—Reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction demonstrated that pericytes express mRNA for the chondrocyte markers Sox9, aggrecan, and(More)
OBJECTIVES Vascular calcification is a major clinical problem and elucidating the underlying mechanism is important to improve the prognosis of patients with cardiovascular disease. We aimed to elucidate the role and mechanism of action of Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF)/c-Met signalling in vascular calcification and establish whether blocking this pathway(More)
Vascular pericytes undergo osteogenic differentiation in vivo and in vitro and may, therefore, be involved in diseases involving ectopic calcification and osteogenesis. The purpose of this study was to identify factors that inhibit the entry of pericytes into this differentiation pathway. RNA was prepared from pericytes at confluence and after their(More)
Recent studies support a role for FGF23 and its co-receptor Klotho in cardiovascular pathology, yet the underlying mechanisms remain largely elusive. Herein, we analyzed the expression of Klotho in mouse arteries and generated a novel mouse model harboring a vascular smooth muscle cell specific deletion of Klotho (Sm22-KL(-/-) ). Arterial Klotho expression(More)
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is defined as the progressive loss of renal function often involving glomerular, tubulo-interstitial and vascular pathology. CKD is associated with vascular calcification; the extent of which predicts morbidity and mortality. However, the molecular regulation of these events and the progression of chronic kidney disease are not(More)
Optimizing heath care services for seniors in emergency departments (ED) is a core component of the " Senior Friendly Hospital Approach " being implemented in Quebec. We measured the availability of geriatric expertise in Quebec EDs and its relationship with ED characteristics such as university affiliation, number of stretchers, and geographical location.(More)
Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN) was funded in July 2012 under the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program, to develop, rigorously evaluate , and ethically disseminate information about the use of technologies for the care of seriously ill elderly patients and their families. TVN's vision is to position Canada as a global(More)
Drosophila are able to self regulate diet intake and maximise lifetime reproduction. The aim of the current study is to determine the patterns of gene expression associated with longevity and reproduction in fruit fly. The Drosophila are fed varying ratios of a protein/carbohy-drate diet, whole fly RNA is extracted and gene expression is assayed via(More)
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