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Text is not unadulterated fact. A text can make you laugh or cry but can it also make you short sell your stocks in company A and buy up options in company B? Research in the domain of finance strongly suggests that it can. Studies have shown that both the informational and affective aspects of news text affect the markets in profound ways, im-pacting on(More)
Increasingly powerful fault management systems are required to ensure robustness and quality of service in today's networks. In this context, event correlation is of prime importance to extract meaningful information from the wealth of alarm data generated by the network. Existing sequential data mining techniques address the task of identifying possible(More)
— The ongoing work presented in this paper is aimed at bringing self-configuration capabilities into next generation radio access networks. We present the main concepts and architecture of our prototype. We also introduce briefly a novel strategy for foreseeing the outcome of enforcing policies integrating behaviour discovery techniques and finite state(More)
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