Ann Del Bianco

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Current Ka-band, multi-media satellite systems employ spot beam technology to accommodate a wide range of multi-media type services. These satellites typically employ uniform allocation of RF power and bandwidth to spot beams. Since the traffic distribution tends to be highly asymmetrical and with a high degree of uncertainty, the satellite does not have(More)
This paper summarises the results of several sessions of measurements executed in the context of the research project named “J-ORTIGIA”. The scope of the project was to validate all kinds of hybrid reception supported by the DVB-SH able to counteract fading in satellite and terrestrial environments. The results of the measurements have also(More)
OBJECTIVE The ongoing presence of asbestos in products used across workplaces in Canada reinforces the importance of occupational exposure surveillance. This study evaluates the usefulness of the Ontario Asbestos Workers Registry. METHODS The study includes 30,829 workers aged 15 to 80 years. Researchers reported on the data quality and analyzed the(More)
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