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INTRODUCTION Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is a congenital life-threatening condition requiring surgical repair in the neonatal period. Minimal access surgery (MAS) is gaining ground on the classical open approach by laparotomy or thoracotomy as it minimizes damage to the abdominal or thoracic wall. Using an open review of the literature, we aimed(More)
12-campus Commonwealth College plus four additional undergraduate campuses. For the past two years, the Royer Center's mission has been to lead and support a change from heavy reliance on lecture-based instruction to a rich learning environment characterized by active, cooperative learning, supported by technology. Computers and S in Higher Education T he(More)
BACKGROUND Osteomyelitis is usually caused by an infection. A non-infectious cause should be considered if antibiotic treatment is insufficiently effective and disease is recurrent, multifocal or migrating. CASE DESCRIPTION A 14-year-old girl, an active volleyball player, developed episodes of fever and pain in her right lower leg. MRI showed(More)
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