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A method of preparing viable cells from dog gastric mucosa is described. Cyclic AMP in these cells is elevated by histamine and 4-methyl histamine but 2-methyl histamine is only a weak agonist. The effects on cyclic AMP levels are inhibited competitively by metiamide and burimamide which give apparent KBvalues of 3.5×10−7 M and 2.3×10−6 M, respectively.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare three simple methods of presenting information to patients about the risk of Down's syndrome. STUDY DESIGN Randomised controlled trial of 150 " low risk" women booking for antenatal care before 19 weeks gestation at Sunderland Royal Hospital. After informing the women about the purpose of the study and reassuring them that they were(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between haptoglobin phenotypic variation and development of cardiac transplant vasculopathy. BACKGROUND The development of coronary vasculopathy determines long-term survival after cardiac transplantation. Serum haptoglobin levels are associated with non-transplant atherosclerosis. In(More)
Few school-age youth consume the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, and increasing fruit and vegetable intake in children and adolescents is an important public health goal to maintain long-term good health and to decrease risk of chronic disease and obesity. School salad bars are an important tool to promote fruit and vegetable consumption among(More)
The effects of non-cytotoxic concentrations of 13 chemicals on gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC) in human keratinocytes and WB 344 cells were determined using a scrape-labelling method. The chemicals were selected according to their reported tumour-promoting effects in either the skin or liver, or their known skin irritancy potential. The in(More)
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