Ann-Christin Cichon

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Signaling between the epithelium and stromal cells is crucial for growth, differentiation, and repair of the epithelium. Although the retinoblastoma protein (Rb) is known to regulate the growth of keratinocytes in a cell-autonomous manner, here we describe a function of Rb in the stromal compartment. We find that Rb depletion in fibroblasts leads to(More)
The tumour microenvironment has an important role in cancer progression and recent reports have proposed that stromal AKT is activated and regulates tumourigenesis and invasion. We have shown, by immuno-fluorescent analysis of oro-pharyngeal cancer biopsies, an increase in AKT activity in tumour associated stromal fibroblasts compared to normal stromal(More)
Cellular expression of host prion protein (PrP) is essential to infection with prion disease. Understanding the mechanisms that regulate prion protein expression at both the transcriptional and translational levels is therefore an important goal. The cellular prion protein has been associated with resistance to oxidative, and its expression is also(More)
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