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BACKGROUND The challenge of understanding factors influencing compliance with injectable treatments is critical as injectable biologics/medications become more common. OBJECTIVE Understanding compliance issues for long term self-injectable treatments, using a chronic condition (osteoporosis) as a model. RESEARCH DESIGN A qualitative study to generate(More)
The effect of mental practice on performance in a dot-location RT task was investigated. Participants (N = 40) were required either to mentally practice, physically practice, or do no practice on an RT task in which the signals appeared in a repeating sequence. Correct mental practice, as opposed to incorrect mental practice and no practice, was predicted(More)
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a prevalent condition associated with complex psychological and interpersonal issues. The Psychological and Interpersonal Relationship Scales (PAIRS) is a valid and reliable measure of Sexual Self-Confidence, Spontaneity, and Time Concerns associated with ED and its treatment. This paper describes the development and validation(More)
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