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Carolingian Orthodoxy and the Fate of the Libri Carolini
En 790, Charlemagne et ses theologiens recoivent une traduction latine des actes du concile de Nicee II (787), dont les theses en faveur du culte des images choquent profondement les Francs. UneExpand
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Theodulf of Orleans and the Libri Carolini
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Further Studies in the Libri Carolini: I. Palaeograhical Problems in Vaticanus Latinus 7207, II. "Patristic Exegesis, Mozarabic Antiphons, and the Vetus Latina"
THE Vatican manuscript of the Libri Carolini (= LC) demonstrates, in page after page heavily scored by correction, the lively interplay of argument that accompanied its composition. AppropriatelyExpand
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Theodulf of Orléans: Charlemagne's Spokesman against the Second Council of Nicaea
Contents: Preface Preliminary note to study I Opus Caroli Regis contra synodum: an introduction Theodulf of Orleans and the Libri Carolini Carolingian orthodoxy and the fate of the Libri CaroliniExpand
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The Meaning of Theodulf's Apse Mosaic at Germigny-des-Prés
To an extent hitherto unrecognized, the work Theodulf composed in Charlemagne's name (often called the Libri Carolini but actually entitled Opus Caroli regis contra synodum) provides a key to theExpand
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Laughter, there's no therapy like it
Ann Freeman tells the story of how an expedition to see a famous mouse brought a new sense of excitement and adventure to the residents and staff of a nursing home.
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