Ann-Britt Thorén

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UNLABELLED In the present study, the effects of mild hypothermic (34 degrees C) cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) on jejunal mucosal perfusion (JMP), gastric tonometry, splanchnic lactate, and oxygen extraction were studied in low-risk cardiac surgical patients (n = 10), anesthetized and managed according to clinical routine. JMP was assessed by endoluminal(More)
BACKGROUND Low to moderate doses of vasopressin have been used in the treatment of cathecholamine-dependent vasodilatory shock in sepsis or after cardiac surgery. We evaluated the effects of vasopressin on jejunal mucosal perfusion, gastric-arterial pCO2 gradient and the global splanchnic oxygen demand/supply relationship in patients with vasodilatory shock(More)
AIM To investigate the level of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training among cardiac patients and their co-habitants and to describe the possibilities for, and obstacles to, CPR training among this group. METHODS All patients admitted to a coronary care unit during a four-month period were considered for participation in an interview study. Out of(More)
AIM To determine the number of CPR trained adults in Sweden, and the willingness of the non-trained population to attend a CPR course. An additional purpose was to investigate differences related to sex, age, residential area, socio-economic classification and country of origin. METHODS Five thousand adults in Sweden were surveyed, which yielded 3167(More)
BACKGROUND Recent experimental studies have shown that a norepinephrine-induced increase in blood pressure induces a loss of plasma volume, particularly under increased microvascular permeability. We studied the effects of norepinephrine-induced variations in the mean arterial pressure (MAP) on plasma volume changes and systemic haemodynamics in patients(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the association between changes in total splanchnic and mucosal perfusion, assessed either by gastric tonometry or jejunal laser Doppler flowmetry in postcardiac surgical patients. DESIGN A prospective, observational study. SETTINGS A general intensive care unit in a tertiary care center. PATIENTS Twelve, postoperative cardiac(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the potential differential effects of dopamine, dopexamine, and dobutamine on jejunal mucosal perfusion, assessed by endoluminal laser Doppler flowmetry in uncomplicated postcardiac surgical patients. DESIGN A prospective, blinded, randomized, crossover study. SETTING A cardiothoracic intensive care unit in a tertiary care center.(More)
BACKGROUND The association between the interval between collapse and defibrillation and outcome is well described in out of hospital cardiac arrest but not as well in in-hospital cardiac arrest. We report the outcome among patients who suffered an in-hospital cardiac arrest and were found in ventricular fibrillation (VF) with the emphasis on the delay to(More)
BACKGROUND In-hospital cardiac arrest is one of the most stressful situations in modern medicine. Since 1997, there has been a uniform way of reporting - the Utstein guidelines for in-hospital cardiac arrest reporting. MATERIAL AND METHODS We have studied all consecutive cardiac arrest in the Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU) between 1994 and 2001 for(More)