Ann Britt Skjerve

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The paper discusses how the concept of resilience has improvisation as a key premise. The paper aims to map out where aspects of improvisation are inherently part of resilience. The results are discussed in terms of possible organizational consequences in high risk environments. Three different approaches are applied; First; how resilience and improvisation(More)
Petroleum installation employees have to balance safety goals versus other types of goals as a part of their daily work activities. To reduce the risk for incidents and accidents, it is critical to obtain a better understanding of how to facilitate adequate prioritization of safety goals, i.e., prioritizations in accordance with the standards set by the(More)
Industrial accidents, explosions and fires have a depressingly familiar habit of re-occurring, with similar if not identical causes. There is a continual stream of major losses that commonly are ascribed to poor operating and management practices. The safety risks associated with modern technological enterprises make it pertinent to consciously monitor the(More)
Introduction of the operational concept Integrated Operations (IO) by petroleum companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf implies an increased use of distributed teams (IO teams) in operation of petroleum installations. To develop teamwork training programs for members of IO teams, it is necessary to understand what teamwork competencies IO(More)
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