Ann Bouchoux

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Today's "coffee culture" and the widespread availability of caffeine-containing foods and beverages fuel the ongoing study of caffeine and its subsequent coverage by the media. Although the media has become influential in communicating health and nutrition information to the public, coverage of emerging science, such as the study of caffeine, does not(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies on insight in people with schizophrenia showed that insight level is linked with treatment compliance. Therefore, many therapies are aimed at increasing the insight level, such as psycho-education. However, insight level is also probably linked with depression level. So, improving insight is at risk of increasing the level of(More)
Public attitudes about dietary sugars have varied over time, depending on numerous factors including consensus and emerging science, public policy, and consumer attention. The rise of obesity, the increasing concern over its associated health consequences, and the role of sugars in the diet continue to be examined by the scientific community. The media,(More)
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