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A nonpharmacological method can be an alternative or complement to analgesics.The aim of this study was to evaluate if music medicine influences pain and anxiety in children undergoing lumbar punctures. A randomized clinical trial was used in 40 children (aged 7-12 years) with leukemia, followed by interviews in 20 of these participants. The participants(More)
BACKGROUND Symptoms related to atrial fibrillation and their impact on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) are often evaluated in clinical trials. However, there remains a need for a properly validated instrument. We aimed to develop and validate a short symptoms scale for patients with AF. METHODS One hundred and eleven patients with a variety of(More)
The aim of this study was to increase patients' adherence to the treatment of hypertension through the consultation training of nurses. Thirty-three nurses were included in the study. In the intervention group (IG), 19 nurses took part in a 3-day residential training course on the Stages of Change model, Motivational Interviewing and guidelines for(More)
Complement activation and anaphylatoxin formation were studied in 28 patients undergoing aortic reconstructive surgery under general anaesthesia. In 12 of the patients an extradural catheter was placed in the L1-2 space and 2% mepivacaine was injected until blockade reached the T4 level. The remaining 16 patients were operated upon under general anaesthesia(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was to assess hypertensive patients' self-care agency and any correlation with the patient's lifestyle changes and the nurse's degree of patient centeredness after counseling training. DATA SOURCES Nurses in the intervention group (IG; n = 19) working at nurse-led clinics at health centers were trained in patient centeredness(More)
BACKGROUND There is a well-known problem in hypertension care with patients' adherence to treatment. Patients who score high in answering the instrument Satisfaction with Information about Medicine Scale are reported to have greater adherence to their medication. AIM To explore how hypertensive patients' satisfaction with information about their medicines(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure the effects on symptoms of electrical cardioversion (DC) in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) by means of a new, short, validated, AF-specific questionnaire, the AF6. METHODS One hundred eleven patients (67 ± 12 years, 89 men) were screened before and 12 ± 3 days after DC using AF6, covering 'breathing difficulties at rest',(More)
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