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Planetary space mission applications involving landers and surface exploration vehicles make extensive use of terrain models within their simulation testbeds. Such terrain models are large, complex and have a variety of attributes including topography, reflectivity, soil mechanics, and hazard information. Sources for the terrain models include planetary(More)
This paper presents a rover execution architecture for controlling multiple, cooperating rovers. The overall goal of this architecture is to coordinate multiple rovers in performing complex tasks for planetary science. This architecture integrates a number of systems and research efforts on single rovers and extends them for multiple rover operations.(More)
YaM is a software development framework with tools for facilitating the rapid development of software in a concurrent software development environment. YaM provides solutions for thorny development challenges associated with software reuse, managing multiple software configurations, developing of software product-lines, and multiple platform development and(More)
This decade of electronic and computer advancements have aided society significantly due to interdisciplinary approach. It implies growth in fields like 'Embedded Systems' and 'Artificial Intelligence'. This paper describes use of programmed intelligence of a robotic arm that assists imitating human arm, pick and drop operation, tracing(More)
One of the major areas of Research & Development (R&D) that has made a drastic improvement in Computer Science and electronics is 'Automation' and 'Artificial Intelligence'. Autonomous Systems are self-governed and does not require any manual interventions. This paper presents an overview of previous developments and the working of(More)
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