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Executive Summary This study has attempted to review the major regulatory policy changes that have taken place for liberalizing continental and international air transport markets in the last 20 years, and to discuss and measure, where possible within the limit of study budget, the impacts of those regulatory liberalization policies on traffic and traffic(More)
Keywords: Airline market structure Airport productivity Airporteairline relationship Data envelopment analysis DEA Tobit Northeast Asian airports a b s t r a c t This paper investigates the impact of airline market structure on airport productivity, in which airlines are viewed as downstream users of an airport in a vertical airporteairlines structure. Our(More)
This study investigates duopolistic competition between hub ports for container transshipment. A container handling demand function which incorporates both gateway and transshipment traffic is developed. The study applies a non-cooperative two-stage game to a vertical-structure seaport market with ports as upstream players and shipping lines as downstream(More)
This paper describes an analysis of future air cargo demand in China and its implications for system infrastructure. By extrapolating current trends and evaluating government policies, China is projected to achieve sustained economic development over the next 20 years. Based on this assumption, a forecast for future air cargo demand is made for the period(More)
The recent 'open-economy industrial organization' literature generally finds export-orientation to enhance the weight of post-merger international competitive gains; thereby, favoring lenient domestic merger policy. We observe, however, that mergers seldom generate the 'significant synergies' that are supportive of international competitive gains. Further,(More)
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