Anming Zhang

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This paper explores the effect of airline emissions charges on airfares, airline service quality, aircraft design features, and network structure, using a detailed and realistic theoretical model of competing duopoly airlines. These impacts are derived by analyzing the effects of an increase in the effective price of fuel, which is the path by which(More)
The much-studied relationship between domestic rivalry and export performance consists of those supporting a national-champion rationale, and those supporting a rivalry rationale. While the empirical literature generally supports the positive effects of domestic rivalry, the national-champion rationale actually rests on firmer theoretical ground. We address(More)
Water-soluble, octacationic zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPc) was found to be a very good G-quadruplex DNA stabilizer by using UV-melting studies and DNA polymerase stop assays, and a potent telomerase inhibitor by using the telomeric repeat amplification protocol (TRAP) assay. The compound's DNA-binding properties were also studied by surface plasmon resonance(More)
This study examines the impacts of liberalization policies on economic growth, traffic volume and traffic flow patterns, and investigates the mechanisms leading to those changes. Our investigation concludes that 1) liberalization has led to substantial economic and traffic growth. Such positive effects are mainly due to increased competition and efficiency(More)
Frequent flier plans (FFPs) -operated by almost all of the world’s major airlines -have become the most famous, and probably the most valuable, customer loyalty programs in the world. In addition, plans created on the FFP model are now offered by sellers in a number of other industries such as hotels, car rental agencies and credit cards. In this paper we(More)
Cross-sectional TEM analysis is one of the most important techniques to characterize microstructures of films. However, the complex process, low efficiency, and low success rate of specimen preparation limit its application. This paper analyzed the main causes of low success rate and proposed an improved method for specimen preparation of films deposited on(More)