Anmar K Al-Shawi

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We have examined the accuracy of 143 consecutive ultrasound scans of patients who subsequently underwent shoulder arthroscopy for rotator-cuff disease. All the scans and subsequent surgery were performed by an orthopaedic surgeon using a portable ultrasound scanner in a one-stop clinic. There were 78 full thickness tears which we confirmed by surgery or(More)
Operative management of periprosthetic supracondylar femoral fractures in poor-quality bone presents a challenging task for the orthopaedic surgeon. We report our experience with the use of a semirigid carbon fiber-reinforced plate in the treatment of 5 patients, all of whom were elderly women with severe osteoporosis and highly restricted mobility. All 5(More)
INTRODUCTION Distal radial fractures are one of the most common fractures that are presented to the emergency department (ed). The management of non-emergent cases often involves closed reduction and immobilisation before referral to orthopaedic services. Surgical intervention is offered based on the criteria for instability. This can be predicted from the(More)
INTRODUCTION Volar locking plates have revolutionised the treatment of distal radius fractures but complications are not uncommon. We present a cadaveric study and a technical tip to assist in the accurate and reproducible placement of one such plate. STUDY We placed 25-g needles in the distal radioulnar joint and radiocarpal joint and measured the(More)
INTRODUCTION Avascular necrosis of the capitate head is a rare condition commonly treated with partial wrist fusion. Although good functional results are usually reported, a degree of stiffness is to be expected. We report a pyrocarbon interposition arthroplasty technique in a young sportsman with 3.5 years of follow-up. METHODS A 15-year-old rugby player(More)
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