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Exact determination of gene network is required to discover the higher-order structures of an organism and to interpret its behavior. Most research work in learning gene networks either assumes that there is no time delay in gene expression or that there is a constant time delay. The paper shows how Bayesian networks can be applied to represent multitime(More)
The identification and analysis of repetitive patterns are active areas of biological and computational research. Tandem repeats in telomeres play a role in cancer and hypervariable trinucleotide tandem repeats are linked to over a dozen major neurodegenerative genetic disorders. In this paper, we present an algorithm to identify the exact and inexact(More)
MOTIVATION Discovery of nucleotide motifs that are localized with respect to a certain biological landmark is important in several appli-cations, such as in regulatory sequences flanking the transcription start site, in the neighborhood of known transcription factor binding sites, and in transcription factor binding regions discovered by massively parallel(More)
For determining the structure class and fold class of Protein Structure, computer-based techniques have became essential considering the large volume of the data. Several techniques based on sequence similarity, Neural Networks, SVMs, etc have been applied. This paper presents a framework using the Tree-Augmented Networks (TAN) based on the theory of(More)
This paper presents an approach of fusing the information provided by visible spectrum video with that of thermal infrared video to tackle video processing challenges such as object detection and tracking for increasing the performance and robustness of the surveillance system. An enhanced object detection strategy using gradient information along with(More)
A recent focus in web based learning systems has been the development of reusable learning materials that can be delivered as personalized courses depending of a number of factors such as the user's background, his/her learning preferences, current knowledge based on previous assessments, or previous browsing patterns. The student is often confronted with(More)
— This paper presents a new offline handwritten Devanagari word recognition system. Though Devanagari is the script for Hindi, which is the official language of India, its character and word recognition pose great challenges due to large variety of symbols and their proximity in appearance. In order to extract features which can distinguish similar(More)
Modern imaging sensors with higher megapixel resolution and frame rates are being increasingly used for wide-area video surveillance (VS). This has produced an accelerated demand for high-performance implementation of VS algorithms for real-time processing of high-resolution videos. The emergence of multi-core architectures and graphics processing units(More)