Ankush Goyal

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Software architecture plays a significant role in development of a dependable system. The purpose of regression testing is to make the system fault tolerant. The amalgamation of these two, results in the development of a robust system. The earlier works uses the conformance technique to instill confidence on implemented system with code, architecture and(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has been regarded as a distinguished Ad Hoc Network that can be used to fulfil multiple tasks and applications. Since a WSN consists hundreds of small size, low cost and battery powered sensor nodes. These nodes have the event sensing capabilities, data processing capabilities. Number of routing protocols has been implemented(More)
Discretization of continuous valued features is an important problem to consider during classification learning. There already exist a number of successful discretization techniques based on LVQ algorithm. In this paper, we have approached the problem of discretization from a different angle, and have proposed an algorithm based on optimization of Learning(More)
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