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Research and innovation in teaching and learning are prime topics for the Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning (ISSN 1550-6908). The Journal was initiated in January 2004 to facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers, innovators, practitioners, and administrators of education and training involving innovative(More)
Sub-40 nm size ordered nanodroplet arrays of polystyrene are fabricated by a low dose selective electron beam exposure of an ultrathin polymer film followed by its intensified self organized dewetting under a mixture of water and polar organic solvents. The self organization speeds up patterning and reduces the feature size, both by more than 10 times.(More)
We present the Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey (SERVS), an 18 deg 2 medium-deep survey at 3.6 and 4.5 µm with the post-cryogenic Spitzer Space Telescope to ≈ 2 µJy (AB = 23.1) depth of five highly observed astronomical fields (ELAIS-N1, ELAIS-S1, Lockman Hole, Chandra Deep Field South and XMM-LSS). SERVS is designed to enable the study of(More)
Dewetting of ultrathin (< 100 nm) polymer fi lms and their self-organization on physicochemically patterned substrates has been extensively studied with a view to potential applications in soft-patterning. [ 1 ] However, despite their scientifi c and technological promise, there are two major limitations for self-assembled patterns: (1) The length scale of(More)
Tumor lysis syndrome is a potentially life threatening condition which is most commonly encountered in patients being treated with chemotherapy. We report a case of spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome that developed intraoperatively in a patient with undiagnosed Burkitt's lymphoma. Characteristic electrolyte disturbances and white emulsion like urine following(More)
An ultrafast, parallel, and beyond-the-master micropatterning technique for ultrathin (30-400 nm) nonabsorbing polymer films by diffraction of laser light through a 2D periodic aperture is reported. The redistribution of laser energy absorbed by the substrate causes self-organization of polymer thin films in the form of wrinklelike surface relief structures(More)
We perform a stacking analysis of Herschel-ATLAS data in order to obtain isothermal dust temperatures and rest-frame luminosities at 250 µm (L 250), for a well-defined sample of 1599 radio sources over the H-ATLAS Phase 1 / Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) area. The radio sample is generated using a combination of NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) data and K-band(More)
BACKGROUND Hemorrhage is the second leading cause of death in trauma patients preceded only by traumatic brain injury. But hemorrhagic shock is the most common cause of preventable death within 6 hours of admission. Traumatic coagulopathy is a hypocoagulable state that occurs in the most severely injured. International normalized ratio (INR) and its(More)