Ankur Singh Bist

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This paper a survey of artificial neural network on various welding technology and also discusses the result based on analysis. The role of optimization techniques in concerned domain with experimental analysis is explained. Refer ences-Parikshik dutta, Dilip Kumar pratihar do modelling of TIF welding process using conventional regression analysis and(More)
Computer viruses are big problem for security. It is essential to differentiate between reproducing programs and its similar forms. Reproducing programs will not necessarily harm the system. Classification aspect of metamorphic viruses is an emerging issue of research. The orientation and expansion of metamorphic viruses is quite critical and general(More)
Advancement in computer viruses complexity is a big threat for researchers working in the field of computer virology. The methods and techniques developed cannot assure the complete disinfection and cure, but still lot of efficient methods are developed by researchers. Our proposed technique includes the three test cases that are designed for the(More)
Class imbalance problem refers to unequal distribution of data instances between classes. Due to this, popular classifiers misclassify data instances of minority class into majority class. Initially, Extreme learning machine was proposed with the prime objective of handling real valued datasets. Though, it a fast learning technique, it suffers from the(More)
In many pattern recognition applications, limiting the number of features is a very important requirement due to high dimensional cost as well as the risk of “overfitting” imposed by the high-dimensional feature vectors. Feature subset selection addresses the dimensionality reduction problem by determining a subset of available features which(More)
Computer viruses are serious threat for society. Computer virus get spread in wired and wireless networks and create various types of threats. For Tackling the problem of malicious activiti propagation modes of viruses in network so that this analysis may lead to design the defensive tool against these attacks.