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Current climate control systems often rely on building regulation maximum occupancy numbers for maintaining proper temperatures. However, in many situations, there are rooms that are used infrequently, and may be heated or cooled needlessly. Having knowledge regarding occupancy and being able to accurately predict usage patterns may allow significant(More)
Wireless camera sensor networks have to balance the conflicting challenges imposed by the detection performance, latency and lifetime requirements in surveillance applications. While previous studies for camera sensor networks have addressed these issues separately, they have not quantified the trade-offs between these requirements. In this paper, we(More)
This paper describes the design, implementation and performance evaluation of SenSearch, an outdoors, GPS assisted personnel tracking system using MICA motes. SenSearch is a mobile wireless ad-hoc network comprised of sensor nodes worn by users. These nodes store and forward information about the location of other nodes in an environment that lacks(More)
802.15.4 links experience different level of dynamics at short and long time scales. This makes the design of a suitable model that combines the different dynamics at different timescales a non-trivial problem. In this paper, we propose a novel multilevel approach involving Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) and Mixtures of Multivariate Bernoullis (MMBs) for(More)
Previously, DAG scheduling schemes used the mean (average) of computation or communication time in dealing with temporal heterogeneity. However, it is not optimal to consider only the means of computation and communication times in DAG scheduling on a temporally (and spatially) heterogeneous distributed computing system. In this paper, it is proposed that(More)
—The lossy nature of wireless communication leads to many challenges while designing multihop networks. As an integral part of reliable communication in wireless networks, effective link estimation is essential for routing protocols. Recent studies have shown that link reliability-based metrics like ETX have better performance than traditional metrics such(More)
Understanding building energy consumption has become important due to stricter energy regulations, increasing energy costs and also as buildings have long term impact on energy consumption. In order to recommend retrofits, it is important to have accurate estimates for building energy consumption which is affected significantly by occupancy patterns. This(More)
Running efficiency is an important factor to consider in order to avoid injury. In particular, foot pronation, the angle of the foot as it hits the ground, is a common cause for many types of injuries among runners. Though pronation is common, diagnosing pronation is difficult and imprecise. Currently there is no method of diagonsis which can quantify the(More)
Heterogeneity has been considered in scheduling, but without taking into account the temporal variation of completion times of the sub-tasks for a divisible, independent task. In this paper, the problem of scheduling multiple, divisible independent tasks on a heterogeneous distributed computing system are addressed. The "stochastic" approach, which was(More)
There is high interest in up-scaling capacities of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. However, variability and uncertainty in power output is a major concern and forecasting is, therefore, a top priority. Advancements in forecasting can potentially limit the impact of fluctuations in solar power generation, specifically in cloudy days when the(More)