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To answer user queries efficiently, a stream management system must handle continuous, high-volume, possibly noisy, and time-varying data streams. One major research area in stream management seeks to allocate resources (such as network bandwidth and memory) to query plans, either to minimize resource usage under a precision requirement, or to maximize(More)
To serve users quickly, Web service providers build infrastructure closer to clients and use multi-stage transport connections. Although these changes reduce client-perceived round-trip times, TCP's current mechanisms fundamentally limit latency improvements. We performed a measurement study of a large Web service provider and found that, while connections(More)
During intracellular membrane trafficking and remodeling, protein complexes known as the ESCRTs (endosomal sorting complexes required for transport) interact with membranes and are required for budding processes directed away from the cytosol, including the budding of intralumenal vesicles to form multivesicular bodies; for the budding of some enveloped(More)
Improvement of the accuracy of err or and fault diagnosis as well as A TPGfor IP-b aseddesigns are important problems in industry. In this paper we addr ess these problems when portions of the design may be unsp eci ed. Two approaches to solve these problems have been presente d: (1) solving Boolean satis ability under unknown constr aints, and (2) a(More)
A leading edge 90 nm technology with 1.2 nm physical gate oxide, 50 nm gate length, strained silicon, NiSi, 7 layers of Cu interconnects, and low k CDO for high performance dense logic is presented. Strained silicon is used to increase saturated NMOS and PMOS drive currents by 10-20% and mobility by > 50%. Aggressive design rules and unlanded contacts offer(More)
A distributed data-stream architecture finds application in sensor networks for monitoring environment and activities. In such a network, large numbers of sensors deliver continuous data to a central server. The rate at which the data is sampled at each sensor affects the communication resource and the computational load at the central server. In this(More)
De-duplication - identification of distinct records referring to the same real-world entity - is a well-known challenge in data integration. Since very large datasets prohibit the comparison of every pair of records, <i>blocking</i> has been identified as a technique of dividing the dataset for pairwise comparisons, thereby trading off <i>recall</i> of(More)
In this paper we describe OntoMODEL, an ontological mathematical model management tool that facilitates systematic, standardizable methods for model storage, use and solving. While the declarative knowledge in mathematical models has been captured using ontologies, the procedural knowledge required for solving these models has been handled by commercially(More)
There have been a number of recent proposals for distributed monitoring infrastructures. We argue that a vital missing component from these proposals is a distributed triggering mechanism, by which nodes in the system can proactively work together to maintain invariants and constraints over the system-wide behavior. Without such a triggering component,(More)