Ankur Guha Roy

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Mammalian transcriptomes display complex circadian rhythms with multiple phases of gene expression that cannot be accounted for by current models of the molecular clock. We have determined the underlying mechanisms by measuring nascent RNA transcription around the clock in mouse liver. Unbiased examination of enhancer RNAs (eRNAs) that cluster in specific(More)
According to the membrane channel hypothesis of carotid body O2 chemoreception, hypoxia suppresses K+ currents leading to cell depolarization, [Ca2+]i rise, neurosecretion, increased neural discharge from the carotid body. We show here that tetraethylammonium (TEA) plus 4-aminopyridine (4-AP) which suppressed the Ca2+ sensitive and other K+ currents in rat(More)
The membrane potential hypothesis that the responses to hypercapnia of carotid chemosensory activity is mediated by voltage-gated Ca2+ channels was investigated by measuring directly the chemosensory output from rat and cat carotid bodies, perfused and superfused in vitro. We found that the inorganic and organic blockers of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels(More)
In the dark, during normocapnic (pCO2=35 Torr, pHo=7.4) normoxia (pO2=100 Torr), high pCO (>300 Torr) causes Ca2+-dependent photolabile excitation of chemosensors in the carotid body (CB). We previously proposed that the source of this Ca2+ was the [Ca2+]i stores because CO would react only intracellularly. However, influx of extracellular Ca2+ was not(More)
A new enhanced swing class-D VCO which operates from a supply voltage as low as 300 mV is presented. The architectural advantages are described along with an analysis for the oscillation frequency. Prototype differential and quadrature variants of the proposed VCO have been implemented in a 65 nm RF CMOS process with a 5 GHz VCO oscillation frequency. At a(More)
Calcium sensitivity of petrosal ganglion neurons (PGNs) to chemical stimuli with and without PC-12 cells in co-culture instead of glomus is not known- the idea being that two types of unusual cells could form synapse and provide a model for studies of chemotransduction. Calcium levels in the PGNs were measured in the presence of different chemical stimuli(More)