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BACKGROUND Alteration of cardiovascular functions in patients with liver cirrhosis has been described and it correlates with severity of hepatic failure. But cardiac functions by conventional 2-dimensional (2-D) echocardiography has limitations. The aim of the study was to evaluate cardiac systolic and diastolic functions in liver cirrhosis patients with or(More)
Polioencephalomalacia was induced in eight buffalo calves, 6-12 months old, by drenching amprolium (300 mg/kg body weight per day) for 29-55 days. Four buffalo calves of the same age group were drenched with tap water only and served as control. Blood samples were collected at different intervals during amprolium administration until the onset of clinical(More)
Increasing incidence of morbidity and mortality of diabetic subjects due to infection necessitates the understanding of its patho-biology and further remedial measures for its prevention and treatment. The increased incidence of infection is because of systemic illness that has compromising effects on multiple organs including the nervous, vascular,(More)
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