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This paper presents a robust watermarking technique to copyright an image. Proposed technique is totally based on DCT and is different from most of the available techniques. Watermark is embedded block-wise into the image to protect the ownership against the ltering, cropping and noise attack. Before embedding the watermark we are converting it into Walsh(More)
The integration of mathematical modelling, proof of correctness and statistical software quality assurance lead to extremely high-quality software. The integration was named as cleanroom software engineering. It proof the correctness of the deliverables of each phase, Instead of the classic analysis, design, code, test, and debug cycle, the cleanroom(More)
This paper presents an implementation of new QoS algorithm (SPPA, Sync- Pre-empted Probability Algorithm) for IntServ-aware MPLS network under windows platform. The algorithm, which comprises of optimal LSPs (Label Switching Paths) selection and the network resource allocation, is injected into the ingress router to verify the feasibility. This algorithm(More)
This paper provide a variety of services through multiple service classes where each service class will provide a different performance in terms of response time. These service classes will be designed to provide appropriate levels of service to user applications. Different classes of services and the packets between different classes are classified as per(More)
Message are send through encrypter, no one can read the text without having the encrypted software and key that has been used. If any user intends to send a open massage to many people(family, friends, colleagues, etc.) and if it being read by many people at other end too(public mail server, ICQ, etc.), discussed method will come in to play. Experiences of(More)
Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) is an exponential growing technology in today's modern computing era. Vehicle are peers of peer to peer network. All vehicles are having mobility. In this paper we have presented an evaluation of routing protocols AODV, DSDV and DSR on basis of test performance metrics like generated packets, received packets, dropped(More)
Service implementation is done for providing different services to the customer. Detailed layer3 virtual private network implementation in internet protocol version 6 is done in this paper. Layer 3 virtual private network in internet protocol version 6 is known as 6VPE technology, where virtual private network implementation is done for service provider for(More)
Traditional software development approaches is obsoleting day by day and the place is being taken by some new evolved approaches like. Cleanroom development approach, Agile development approach etc. due to the evolution in development methodology there is a strong need of evolution in estimation models also. In this work we have proposed an extended version(More)
There are mainly two types of routing protocols, static and dynamic. Static routing manually sets up the optimal paths between the source and the destination computers. On the other hand, the dynamic routing uses dynamic protocols to update the routing table and to find the optimal path between the source and the destination computers. Dynamic routing(More)
This paper focuses on increasing the efficiency of the E&P Companies in their extraction process with a new approach and methodology based on Big Data Analytics. This involves an approach in which the E & P companies could extract out the best of the results from the data which is being retrieved from their various data collecting sources like the(More)