Anko Börner

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Multimodal retinal images (RI) are extensively used for analysing various eye diseases and conditions such as myopia and diabetic retinopathy. The incorporation of either two or more RI modalities provides complementary structure information in the presence of non-uniform illumination and low-contrast homogeneous regions. It also presents significant(More)
The consistent end-to-end simulation of airborne and spaceborne earth remote sensing systems is an important task and sometimes the only way for the adaptation and optimization of a sensor and its observation conditions, the choice and test of algorithms for data processing, error estimation and the evaluation of the capabilities of the whole sensor system.(More)
To elucidate the potential of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers in rye, a set of 48 barley EST (expressed sequence tag) primer pairs was employed to amplify from DNA prepared from five rye inbred lines. A total of 96 SNPs and 26 indels (insertion-deletions) were defined from the sequences of 14 of the resulting amplicons, giving an estimated(More)
The development of the Airborne PRISM Experiment (APEX) has been supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) in view of an appropriate data simulator of the future LSPIM mission. The calibration of the APEX instrument will be performed using a standardized laboratory calibration procedure, where spectral response, geometric response , as well as gain and(More)
The topic of the paper is the adaptation of airborne remote sensing techniques and methodology in transportation. All traffic relevant applications require real-time derivation of traffic flow describing parameters. This paper illustrates approaches in hard and software for fulfilling these demands. Two systems for traffic data collection for different(More)
Retinal images (RI) are widely used to diagnose a variety of eye conditions and diseases such as myopia and diabetic retinopathy. They are inherently characterised by having nonuniform illumination and low-contrast homogeneous regions which represent a unique set of challenges for retinal image registration (RIR). This paper investigates using the(More)
The following figures depict both systems being used for the 3D data and colour image acquisition. The Imager 5003, developed by the german company Zoller + Fröhlich and the EyeScan M2 Metric for panoramic images from KST GmbH Dresden, Germany. The Imager 5003 has a 360° by 310° field of view and allows scans overhead. The distance of each measurement is(More)
While retinal images (RI) assist in the diagnosis of various eye conditions and diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, their innate features including low contrast homogeneous and non-uniformly illuminated regions, present a particular challenge for retinal image registration (RIR). Recently, the hybrid similarity measure, Expectation(More)