Ankitha M. Iyer

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A significant subset of HIV-positive patients suffer from AIDS-Related Dementia Complex (ADC), an array of neurologic and neuropsychologic impairments. The HIV coat protein gp120 has been implicated in the deleterious neurologic consequences of HIV infection, damaging neurons through a glutamatergic and calcium-dependent pathway. We have previously reported(More)
In recent years, there has been extraordinary progress in understanding the cellular and molecular cascades that mediate neuron death following necrotic insults. With this knowledge has come the recognition of ways in which these cascades can be modulated by extrinsic factors, altering the likelihood of subsequent neuron death. In this review, we consider(More)
Gordonia phages Bowser and Schwabeltier are newly isolated phages infecting Gordonia terrae 3612. Bowser and Schwabeltier have similar siphoviral morphologies and their genomes are related to each other, but not to other phages. Their lysis cassettes are atypically situated among virion tail genes, and Bowser encodes two tyrosine integrases.
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