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Human posture recognition has a wide range of applications including elderly care and video surveillance. This paper discusses how to recognize human postures using wearable devices. From real-world data, we analyze the challenges in terms of result performance, recognition efficiency and sensor selection. To deal with the challenges, we present our design(More)
ARTICLE INFO With cloud storage services, it is ordinary for data to be not only stored in the cloud, but also shared across many users. However, public auditing for such shared data while conserving individuality privacy remains to be an open challenge. In this paper, we propose the first privacy-preserving contrivance that allows public auditing on shared(More)
And non-linear interpolation. The empirical evaluation shows that the proposed system is better than current Access control mechanism is very important phase over internet based services. Cloud computing is internet based service application provide variety of services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. For the accessing of cloud services cloud service provider(More)
Internet attacks area unit on the increase and create serious security threats to enterprise networks, industrial websites and to the lots of home web users. Web attacks have become less assailable and complicated with time. Network traffic visualization tools have with successfully enabled security analysts to know the character of traffic gift in a very(More)
Ontology is defined as shared specification of conceptual vocabulary used for formulating knowledge-level theories about a domain of discourse. Ontology has many applications. Ontology extraction is a process in which important concepts related to a domain are extracted and relationships between them is formed. India is an agriculture based economy.(More)
The basic problem in today’s On-line Social Networks (OSNs) is to give users the ability to control the messages posted on their own private space to avoid that unwanted content is displayed. Up to now social networks provide little support to this requirement. So in this paper, we propose a system allowing OSN users to have a direct control on the messages(More)
Today's world is of internet. Internet is a thing which is making our lives easier as well as faster. The use of smart phones has tremendous applications. The IoT (Internet of things) platforms allow us to connect the sensors with the internet. Hence using this we can implement many applications. The parking system is one of them. There are many problems(More)
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