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  • Wielgus, R B Bunnell, +22 authors Mohr
  • 2014
endangered species towards probable infanticide and factors that can govern their conservation implications. Tests of hypotheses of sexual segregation in grizzly bears.ing effects of adult male mortality on grizzly bear population growth and persistence using matrix models. First evidence of non-parental male in-fanticide in the endangered Iberian Lynx(More)
Shifting and scaling correlations are correspondent of biological significance in gene expression data analysis. Recent works have mentioned about the significance of negative correlation as well. In this paper, we distinguish and define the negative form of shifting and scaling correlations as negatively shifted correlation and negatively scaled(More)
improved by a factor of two to project the performance characteristics of the next generation of magnetic disk systems. Figure 3 shows the maximum number of video streams of scalable video that can be supported concurrently by a video server using three different scheduling schemes: minimum buffer (MBS), constant data (CDS), and constant time (CTS). The(More)
In this paper, after an a review of the previous work done in this field, the most frequently used approach using Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is used for implementation for phonetic segmentation. A baseline HMM phonetic segmentation tool is used for segmentation and analysis of speech at phonetic level. The results are approximately same as obtained using(More)
The only imperative vista for an organisation that can ignite it, and give it a direction to flourish is the workforce of an organization. Human resource is the means apparatus for any organization. Organisation have to recruit people with requites skills, qualifications and experience, if they have to survive and flourish in a highly competitive(More)
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