Ankit Somani

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Power consumption and cooling overheads are becoming increasingly significant for large scale machines, affecting overall costs and the ability to extend resource capacities and performance capabilities. To help mitigate these issues, active power management technologies are being deployed aggressively, including power budgeting, which enables improved(More)
The expanding computational needs of today’s businesses and organizations have led to a significant increase in the number and size of datacenter facilities. While technological advances in cooling solutions and server densities are enabling the performance levels required by applications, the energy costs of these computational and heat management(More)
Date Approved: [Date Approved by Committee] [To my loving family] iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to sincerely thank my advisor, Dr. Yogendra Joshi, for his guidance over the past year and the confidence he showed in every step of my work and the decisions I made. I also want to take this opportunity to thank my committee members for their valuable(More)
The most significant energy consuming infrastructures and the greatest contributors to greenhouse gases for any nation today are electric and freight/passenger transportation systems. Technological alternatives for producing, transporting, and converting energy for electric and transportation systems are numerous. Addressing costs, sustainability, and(More)
We propose Powernet as an end-to-end open source technology for economically efficient, scalable and secure coordination of grid resources. It offers integrated hardware and software solutions that are judiciously divided between local embedded sensing, computing and control, which are networked with cloud-based high-level coordination for real-time optimal(More)
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