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An implant system that undergoes a gradual, time-dependent, nontoxic degradation process may offer an efficacious, safe, and desirable alternative to metallic materials used in the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions. Such a scaffold may also be a suitable vehicle for growing cells and tissue in the laboratory for tissue engineering(More)
Congenital granular cell tumor (CGCT), or congenital epulis, is an uncommon benign soft tissue lesion that usually arises from the alveolar mucosa of neonates and may cause respiratory and feeding problems. The histogenesis and clinical history of the lesion remains obscure. Treatment involves surgical excision and recurrences are rare. The present report(More)
In this paper, we provide a general purpose simulation framework for complex adaptive systems. Our framework will deal with a number of important criteria including self-organization, emergence, and others. We then show that the framework can capture the common underlying structure of complex adaptive systems through demonstrating its application in(More)
Status epilepticus is a life threatening neurological emergency. In persons with status epilepticus, if administration of a benzodiazepine and at least one antiepileptic drug has failed then management protocols for refractory status epilepticus should be put into effect. The article summarises the causes, effects, pathophysiology and treatment protocols(More)
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