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Evaluation of antigout activity of Phyllanthus emblica fruit extracts on potassium oxonate-induced gout rat model
Aim: The present study has been conducted to evaluate antigout activity of aqueous and alcoholic extracts of Phyllanthus emblica fruits following its 28 days repeated oral administration on potassiumExpand
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Effect of Phyllanthus amarus on serum biochemical changes in azaserine induced pancreatic cancer in Wistar rats
Aim: The present study was performed to investigate the effect of Phyllanthus amarus extracts on serum biochemical changes in azaserine induced pancreatic cancer in Wistar rats. Materials andExpand
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Research Article Histopathology of the liver naturally infected with Gigantocotyle explanatum in Buffaloes
Aim: This study was undertaken to study the histopathology of the liver suffering with the natural infection of Hepatic fluke (Gigantocotyle explanatum) in buffaloes. Material & Method: Total of 30Expand
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Camel is the only mode of transport in desert. In Gujarat 0.058 million camel population is there. Camel suffers from a number of important diseases viz., trypanosomiasis which is a serious problemExpand
Diagnosis and Management of Pseudo-pericarditis Associated with Theileriosis in a Buffalo
Pseudo-pericarditis is a rare circulatory system disorder exhibited slight jugular engorgement and edema up to ventral abdomen. A female buffalo was presented with history of frequent pyrexia,Expand
Anti cancer activity of Phyllanthus amarus in azaserine induced pancreatic cancer of Wistar rats.
Department of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary College, Anand-388001, Gujrat, India. *Corresponding Author. e-mail:ankitprjpt1@gmail.com ABSTRACT: Pancreatic cancer is a malignant neoplasm originatingExpand
Diagnosis and management of heartworm in a dog.
A Labrador retriever was reported with anamnesis of thoracic oedema, frequent coughing along with occasionally hemoptysis, labored breathing, restlessness and exercise intolerance. ClinicalExpand
Trapezius Squeeze Test Versus Jaw Thrust to Assess the Depth of Anaesthesia for Proseal Laryngeal Mask Airway Insertion in Children
Background: “Trapezius squeeze test” (TST) is a simple test to perform in which 1–2 inches of trapezius muscle is held and squeezed in full thickness and response is evaluated in the form of toe/bodyExpand