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The theory of Compressed Sensing , the emerging sampling paradigm ‘that goes against the common wisdom’ , asserts that ‘one can recover signals in R from far fewer samples or measurements , if the signal has a sparse representation in some orthonormal basis, from m ≈ O(klogn), k ≪ n nonadaptive measurements . The accuracy of the recovered signal is as good(More)
Microwave induced chemical etching (MICE) has been established as a faster and improved technique compared to other contemporary etching techniques for the development of tracks in a CR-39 detector. However, the methodology could not be applied for LET (linear energy transfer) spectrometry due to lack of a calibration curve using this method. For this(More)
This paper presents the concept of a physical memory whose state is dependent on a stochastic variable. The stochastic parameter used is temperature. This gives way to efficient space utilization by overlapping data patches upon existing data and overcoming the upper limit of storage space, i.e. more storage data with less hardware and more data security.(More)
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