Ankit Kundu

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Keywords: Stochastic finite element method Stochastic structural dynamics Spectral method Bayesian emulation Uncertainty analysis Composite corrugated panels a b s t r a c t A novel approach for uncertainty propagation and response statistics estimation of randomly parametrized structural dynamic systems is developed in this paper. The frequency domain(More)
Highlights • We propose a model reduction technique for large scale stochastic finite element systems. • The reduced basis spans the dominant eigenspace of the stochastic controllability Gramian. • Computationally efficient iterative Arnoldi–Lyapunov basis building methods for large stochastic systems. • Implicit restart scheme for Arnoldi–Lyapunov vector(More)
The theory of Compressed Sensing , the emerging sampling paradigm 'that goes against the common wisdom' , asserts that 'one can recover signals in ℝ í µí±› from far fewer samples or measurements , if the signal has a sparse representation in some orthonormal basis, from m ≈ O(klogn), í µí±˜ ≪ í µí±› nonadaptive measurements. The accuracy of the recovered(More)
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